Prepping your Home Paint for Wisconsin Winter

Home Paint And Wisconsin Winters

Home paint and Wisconsin winters do not go well together if you do not take precautions. Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are famous for hard, cold winters. Snow and ice pummel our homes, decks, and fences throughout the home paint and wisconsin winterslong months of the seasons. This results in a variety of paint problems. Waiting until after winter to repaint or restain might be too late: Jack Frost has already done damage, causing paint to chip, peel, and mold. To save time and money in the long run, we encourage you to check your paint before winter as there are things you can do to protect your investments. In this article, we will educate you about how to prepare your home exterior and deck paint for winter in Wisconsin.


Autumn: The Best Time of Year to Prep Your Paint
Home paint and Wisconsin winters wreak havoc on the appearance and structure of your home with elements like wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Paint and stain not only make your property look its best, but they also reduce wear from the elements. The best time of year to check your paint for inefficiencies is mid-autumn, when we experience mild, dry days and cool nights. It’s important to complete painting projects before winter to protect wood from the ravages of harsh temperatures, high winds, and damaging precipitation.

Painting while there’s snow on the ground isn’t ideal. Staining and repainting in wet or windy conditions can ruin the paint job, wasting time, money, and resources. The paint industry is truly one that follows the old adage, “work smarter, not harder.” Instead of battling the elements, we encourage you to check the paint on your exteriors before it gets too cold. The ideal time to stain or repaint is when the temperature is between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Check Your Paint and Stain

A visual check of your property is enough to see weather and age damage, wear and tear, and wood splintering. Give yourself plenty of time before winter, checking during August or September. Reviewing your paint in early spring also works—as long as you can finish your paint or restain job before summer’s humidity. Remember to check long before it starts to snow.
Walk through your property, looking for visible signs of disrepair as you go. Clean your deck thoroughly, using a bleach-free cleaner specifically designed to restore wood without yellowing. Cleaning your deck can remove ground-in dirt to give you a better idea of the state of your stain. You should repaint your home’s exterior every 5-10 years depending on the quality of the paint, the surface, and the climate. If you’re unsure when you last painted your home, check for signs that you need a fresh coat.

Signs You Need to Repaint or Re-stain

There are many indications that suggest it’s time to repaint or restain your home, deck, and fence. Some signs of wear and tear aren’t detrimental to your property and can wait until next year to repair. If you need a change or a newer, more durable product, and you don’t see any real paint damage, it may be better to wait out the winter. That way, your fresh paint job won’t have to immediately withstand its first harsh Wisconsin winter.
Other signs, however, point to deeper issues within your home or deck’s integrity. In the Madison and Milwaukee areas, our properties experience every season. While the changing seasons draw many people to live here, it’s also one of the reasons we experience so many paint and stain challenges. Rain, heat, humidity, snow, and sleet are all quite damaging to wood. When you combine our weather with people and pets walking on decks, this is a recipe for less-than-desirable structural protection.

Three Signs of Damage You Can’t Ignore

Certain home paint and Wisconsin winters have no impact on your home. But there are also many types of wear and tear that require immediate attention to prevent further damage. Three signs you can’t wait until after winter to repaint or re-stain are:

1. Peeling paint. You should always scrape and redo paint that’s curled and peeling before winter. Peeling paint and stain allow moisture to make its way between the paint and the wood. This moisture can result in mold, mildew, and even wood rot if left unattended.
2. Gaps or shrinks. If you can see gaps forming between the boards of your home, deck, or fence, this may be a sign of dry rot. Waiting too long in between paint jobs can cause serious damage, even requiring the wood be replaced before you can repaint or restain.
3. Color fading or turning gray. Faded paint and stain is more than just unsightly—it’s a sign that the sun has weakened your paint’s ability to protect the wood underneath. The damage only increases over time and opens the door to continued damage from the winter elements.
If you notice any of these three things happening on your property, call a professional painter right away. Waiting only reduces the time your paint or stain has to fully dry before the elements of winter arrive. Holding off on a painting project until after winter, can further damage your property’s underlying wood and structure.

How to Winterize Your Paint and Stain

Winterizing your deck and home is about more than just improving appearance. Refreshing old, aged, and damaged paint and stain can ensure the long life of your investments and solid protection from the elements. In Wisconsin, we can’t underestimate the amount of damage winter inflicts on exposed wood. Be proactive about your paint to ensure total protection.
Before you can complete a repainting or re-staining project because of your home paint and Wisconsin winters, you must clean, pressure wash, and sand the area. Thorough cleaning and pressure washing are especially important for decks. However, if you pressure wash your deck incorrectly it can really damage the wood. Trust a professional with this job prior to repainting or re-staining.
For all of your painting and re-staining needs, residentially and commercially, give Culver’s Painting a call. We serve the Milwaukee and Madison areas, providing a whole host of services to protect homes from weather damage. If you need expert advice about your home before winter this year near Milwaukee or near Madison call us! When it comes to protecting your home before winter hits, you’re in good hands with Culver’s Painting.