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New Berlin Painters

New Berlin, a small suburb of Milwaukee is full of pocketed communities of families. Through the years, Culver’s Painting has had the opportunity to paint New Berlin in the form of a wide variety of homes when people are in need of New Berlin painters. The architectural design is evident in many of the older homes we work in. They can be a bit of a challenge for home owners, but with our experience, cutting into the different curves and edges within the home has become second nature to our New Berlin painters of Culver’s Painting.

Painting New Berlin


We also enjoy painting commercial buildings as it gives us further opportunity to beautify the community. Don’t hire amateurs for painting projects that are meant for professionals. No grungy clothes or bad attitudes with our professional painters. We come to the site ready to work and proud of the work we do. A superior finished painting project is our goal every time.

Do you have vintage woodwork in your home? Or any woodwork for that matter. Our New Berlin professional painters protect the woodwork in all of our work areas so that it continues to hold the beauty it always has. We only hire trustworthy painters with excellent work ethics. So, you and your family can rest knowing our talented New Berlin painters of Culver’s Painting are the best pro painters you can hire.  New

New Berlin painters


apartment buildings and condos are also popping up throughout New Berlin of late. Culver’s Painting has the manpower and experience to take on bigger projects as well. Our customers will tell you that we are the best painters for the job. So call our New Berlin Painters to schedule your free pro painting consultation.

We pride ourselves on not only the great work that we do for our clients, but impeccable customer service. We offer free estimates for all projects to make it easy for you. Start your next painting project by submitting a free estimate form.

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Alex Biggam

Owner Greater Milwaukee Operations

Owner Greater Milwaukee Operations

If you have any questions about our services or how we can help you, feel free to reach out by calling or submitting a general inquiry form below. We will reach out shortly to discuss how we can assist you with your next project.

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