Interior Woodwork Painting Tips

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Interior Woodwork Painting: Prep For Success

A growing trend is to paint the interior woodwork throughout the house.   We would like to provide you with some interior woodwork painting tips in the event you choose to perform this task on your own. The new trend includes painting wood baseboards, wood crown molding, wood door frames, wood window frames, wood doors, and wood cabinetry.  At Culver’s Painting, we are experts at painting woodwork of all kinds.  To paint woodwork, the right way requires several steps.

1) Priming: Use an oil primer as it penetrates and seals the wood. This prevents the stain from bleeding through the new coats of paint you apply.
2) Sand Lightly as needed
3) Caulk gaps between woodwork in walls (otherwise you will see a void)
4) Fill Nail Holes: This will provide you with a flawless surface.
5) Paint 2 coats (3-4 coats on doors)
Another tip, use a satin sheen with your new paint coats.  This will provide washability and make your woodwork stand out the best.interior woodwork painting
Culver’s Painting does not skimp on these steps, and we will make your wood work look beautiful and last a long time. To schedule a free estimate with Culver’s Painting Milwaukee or Culver’s Painting Madison, call us today.