Exterior Painting Preparation

Exterior Painting Preparation: Prep For Success

Painting preparation is everything whether you are doing exterior painting preparation or interior painting preparation.  If you want a paint job done the right way that lasts a long time, prep is everything. At Culver’s Painting Milwaukee and Culver’s Painting Madison, we will do a light powerwash to your exterior a few weeks before the job.  This is extremely important because it will remove all the current dirt & grim on the on the house. If we see any mildew/algae we will remove that too.   You need a clean, clear surface before you start painting otherwise the paint job will not last as long. Our recommended 2 coats should last a  good 7-9 years and a lot of this has to do with the surface.
Another important prepping tip is that any bare wood must be primed before painting.  Different surfaces require exterior painting preparationdifferent types of primer. Priming allows paint to adhere.  If you don’t prime bare wood you will get chipping/crackling soon down the road.  It is important you choose a painting company that does not skimp on power washing and priming to ensure you get the best and most long-lasting paint job.