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Dripping Paint

Dripping Paintdripping paint
A common issue for people that decide to paint rooms on their own is dripping paint. To avoid dripping paint, use a little less paint on your brush or roller. If you can’t avoid drips, try to be diligent about cleaning up drips immediately. You’ll find that the clean-up process is easiest if you clean-up paint drips when the paint is still wet. If the drips dry on the surface, sand the area down until the surface is smooth. You’ll want to use 220 grit sandpaper for smoothing out paint drips. You may need to go over the area with primer again to be sure there is no difference in that spot on the wall and all other spots on the wall. After the primer dries, apply the main color. Once that dries, it should blend nicely with the rest of the wall.

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