Color Consultation

Color Consultation Milwaukee.

Color Consultation Milwaukee

color consultation milwaukee

Color Consultation Milwaukee & Madison!

Interior Painting

You are sitting in your family room, scanning the walls compared to your new furniture. Suddenly you realize the color doesn’t quite go well with the new furniture. Or perhaps you just want a change from that 8-year-old paint finish. Now you have decided you need a new color in your living space. How on earth are you going to decide on the perfect paint color for your walls? No need for you to decide on a color before you hire your painting contractor. We provide everyone with a free color consultation Milwaukee or Madison. We also explain the differences in paint type. Then we can decide together what the best paint type is for your needs. If you have children, your paint type will be different from an office building.  We will educate you so you are fully aware of each step in the painting project.

Exterior Painting

Another scenario you may be faced with is seeing your home from the outside and realizing you may have the ugliest house on the block. You will be amazed at what the difference a great paint job can accomplish. It can be a challenge trying to figure out what color is going to look good with the homes nearby. For example, if your neighbor’s home is gray it’s probably not a good idea to choose gray for your own home. Because we want our customers to be certain about the color they choose for their home, Culver’s Painting provides a free color consultation. This allows you to see the over 1,500 colors that our partners at Sherwin Williams carry. In addition to carrying so many colors, they have high-quality paints that are long lasting and reliable.

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