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house painterAt Culver’s Painting, we like to educate our customers on the painting process so they are not in the dark when we send a house painter or commercial painter to come work on their home or business. Are there any topics you would like covered? Let us know!

House Painter or Commercial Painter Blog Topics

For starters, we cover tips for choosing an interior paint color. This will help prepare you for the color consultation with your house painter or commercial painter. There are a few factors to consider when you are deciding on a paint color. There is meaning behind the famous color wheel that we go through in the article. Hence, we expect this article will be a nice introduction to paint colors.

Another helpful article is when we go through different ways to update a living space. You may know that painting is one of the easiest ways to transform a room. We have a few before and after photos for you to see what a big difference a simple coat of paint can make in a room.

Did you know that the color of the walls in your office has an impact on the productivity and mood in the office? We review the psychology of colors to give you some ideas of impactful colors for your office space.

Although we would love for you to hire Culver’s Painting for your next paint project, we provide you with a list of 10 questions to ask painting companies while you are trying to decide which one is a good fit for your needs.

Perhaps your exterior needs a fresh coat of paint from our house painter team or commercial painter team. With the harsh Wisconsin weather, one common question we get is “how long does exterior paint last in Wisconsin?” We decided to write an article to address this concern. Here’s a hint: it all depends on the type of paint you use. We’ll make the right recommendation for your surface.

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Dripping Paint

13 July 2018, Comment are Off
Dripping Paint A common issue for people that decide to paint rooms on their own is dripping paint. To avoid dripping paint, use a little less paint on your brush or roller. If you can’t avoid drips, try to be diligent about cleaning up drips immediately. You’ll find...
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How long does WI Exterior Painting last?

18 May 2018, Comment are Off
WI Exterior Painting How long does WI exterior painting last? If you follow our tips, you will have longevity from your WI exterior painting project! Besides quality materials, you’ll have quality work. If you have any questions, contact us today! How long your exterior...

Exterior Painting Preparation

06 May 2018, Comment are Off
Exterior Painting Preparation: Prep For Success Painting preparation is everything whether you are doing exterior painting preparation or interior painting preparation.  If you want a paint job done the right way that lasts a long time, prep is everything. At Culver’s...

Interior Woodwork Painting Tips

06 May 2018, Comment are Off
Interior Woodwork Painting: Prep For Success A growing trend is to paint the interior woodwork throughout the house.   We would like to provide you with some interior woodwork painting tips in the event you choose to perform this task on your own. The new trend includes painting...

Tips For Choosing An Interior Paint Color

11 November 2016, Comment are Off
Interior Paint Color: Help Is Here Painting your home is the ultimate opportunity to express yourself, so have fun with it! Although there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to personal taste, selecting the right color can be overwhelming. Many experts believe that the...

3 Simple Ways to Update Your Home

10 October 2016, Comment are Off
Update Your Home Any home improvement professional, decorator or realtor will tell you that three of the easiest things you can do to update your home or freshen up your home include:   A fresh coat of paint Updating décor Rearranging These three solutions to update your...

Prepping your Home Paint for Wisconsin Winter

02 September 2016, Comment are Off
Home Paint And Wisconsin Winters Home paint and Wisconsin winters do not go well together if you do not take precautions. Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are famous for hard, cold winters. Snow and ice pummel our homes, decks, and fences throughout the long months of the...

What Is The Cost to Paint your Home?

29 June 2016, Comment are Off
Cost To Paint Your Home If you are thinking about painting your home, you are likely doing research on what it may cost to paint your home. When you hire a professional painting company, costs are primarily dictated by how much prep work is needed, the size of the space being...

Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Painting Company

10 May 2016, Comment are Off
Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Painter When you invest in having your home painted, you want the job done right. Reviewing the “top questions to ask before hiring a painter” will help you choose the best painting company in Milwaukee or Madison.  Hire a...