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Meet the Best Painters Madison WI Best Painters Milwaukee WI.

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best painters madison wi
Best Painters Madison WI Best Painters Milwaukee WI

Culver’s Painting was founded in 2009 with the focus of always putting the client’s best interest first. We strive to be the best painters Madison WI and Milwaukee WI, therefore we always go the extra mile to serve our clients in a professional, timely manner.

While attending Edgewood College in Madison WI, Josh Culver and Cory McCullick recognized the need for a painting company. Not just any painting company… A painting company based on strong morals, quality work and putting the customer first. With a strong work ethic to build on, Josh and Cory began their painting careers in the summers in Madison. Josh saw the same need for great customer care and expert services needed in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. So with the success of their business in Madison, Josh began expansion to Milwaukee after graduation from Edgewood. As Josh and Cory proudly serve the Greater Milwaukee and Greater Madison areas respectively, they continue providing the same great service that they built their company on during their college years.

In August, 2017 Josh sold his half of the business to Alex Biggam and Cam Hubanks. Alex and Cam continue to provide the same professional experience to their customers that Josh was providing. Great customer service and quality work is a priority for all of the painters at Culver’s Painting. No matter the day of the week you can rely on our painting services.

We use premium paints from Sherwin Williams for each of our paint jobs in Milwaukee and Madison.

Best Painters Madison WI

Culver’s Painting specializes in color consultation. In addition, they perform the traditional interior painting, exterior painting, residential painting, and commercial painting with customer service remaining a fundamental value of the business.

Alex Biggam
Owner Greater Milwaukee Operations

Cam Hubanks
Owner Greater Milwaukee Operations

Cory McCullick Owner and Director of the Greater Madison Operations strives to bring quality customer service as a professional painting contractor

Cory McCullick
Owner/Director of Madison Operations

Josh Culver Owner and Director of the Greater Milwaukee Operations is a professional painting contractor offering the best in quality customer service.

Josh Culver
Former Owner/Director of Greater Milwaukee Operations