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Professional Roof Cleaning Services

In Milwaukee, Madison and throughout Wisconsin, many homes start to show a black spotting or a stain pattern running down their roof as the roof ages. Some home owners are under the misconception that the stained roof is simply a bi-product of dirt that has accumulated on the roof. However, the black or dark green streaks are in fact algae that feasts on your roof. Luckily, this is a problem that can easily be remedied with professional roof cleaning services by Culver’s Painting. While many homeowners spend thousands of dollars to replace a roof, the same roof could be restored to a ‘like new’ appearance with a simple low-pressure cleaning that Culver’s Painting offers. Professional roof cleaning is the safest and most economical way to eliminate the algae that grow on your roof.

Please keep in mind that each roof and its condition will vary. Results of roof cleaning depend on the condition of the existing roof shingles. Low-pressure cleaning is a very effective technique for cleaning roofs. Depending on the condition of the existing shingles, the low-pressure cleaning can be done without causing damage to shingles. Our professional roof cleaning team will clean your roof using a low-pressure treatment that restores the beauty of any type of roof (wood, aluminum, asphalt, etc).

The Important Benefits Of Using Our Roof Cleaning Services:

1) Very Affordable Roof Cleaning: Our roof cleaning services are usually is less than 1/20th the cost of replacing an actual roof.

2) Avoid Roof Replacement: 50% of home owners who replace their roof likely can have their roof cleaned instead of replacing their roof. Avoiding replacement can save you a lot of money!

3) Safe Roof Cleaning: Our low-pressure process will not damage the roof/shingles in any way.

4) Eco-Friendly Professional Roof Cleaning Services: The products we use are eco-friendly and will not hurt plants, lawn or animals.

5) Roof Cleaning Extends The Life Of Your Roof:  Did you know that algae and moss on the roof speed up the wear on the roof? This is because moisture that the moss holds turns to ice in the winter and causes frost damage to the roof.

6) Increase Curb Appeal With Professional Roof Cleaning: A clean roof will increase the curb appeal of your property. As a result, a clean roof can raise the sale price of your house 5%-10% if you are trying to sell it.

7) Improve The Look Of Your Home: You will be amazed at how ‘fresh’ your home looks after Culver’s Painting eradicates the black streaks and any other stains.

We will come out to your home or business to provide you with a free estimate for roof cleaning. Just as we do with our painting projects. Your roof does not have to look older than its age. Near Milwaukee, call us for your free consultationNear Madison call for your free consultation.

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