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Muskego is a developing community just outside of Milwaukee WI. We have helped prepare the businesses with our Muskego painting services. You may spot us painting local muskego painters near mebusinesses throughout the city on any given day. Our Muskego Painters also provide the ultimate painting services to homes in the area. When you hire Culver’s Painting you can rely on our painters to beautify your home or business. Our painters are professional painters through and through. We arrive on time and work consistently while we are on-the-job. In addition, we are very conscious of your belongings when we paint. We prepare the surrounding area by covering it and protecting the area from any inadvertent paint spatters. Our painters don’t want to damage any woodwork you have in your home or business. We also want to protect your belongings from the same. Our painters don’t want to damage any furniture or décor.

We pride ourselves on not only the great work that we do for our clients, but impeccable customer service. We offer free estimates for all projects to make it easy for you. Start your next painting project by submitting a free estimate form.



(262) 299-4366


S74W16860 Janesville Rd #377
Muskego, WI 53150

Josh Culver

Owner/Director of Greater Milwaukee Operations

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